Thimus is the first
Global Company
entirely dedicated to
customer neuroscience
and biometry.

A scientific approach to
factors influencing the impact of a
experience, brand or product.

Without data, you're
just another person
with an opinion.

-W. Edwards Deming

Our Mission is to scientifically measure, analyze and understand human brains in real life situations.
It's time for neurosciences to get out of the lab.


Neuro Food Lab

Is it possible to measure the direct benefits of Nature and natural products on the human brain?

Research &

Improving quality of life through neuroscience.


Applied Neuroscience

Humans have forgotten their true connection to Nature. When they meet Nature, something deep within them is moved and their minds can immediately detect autenticity in their deepest core. A growing number of international scientific researches shows that the relationship between humans and Nature is so deep that the latter can provide authentic strenght to the first, just by mere contact.

It is possible to scientifically
demonstrate that natural products
deeply improve the quality of human
mental activity, therefore their
integral well being.
This is what we call the
integral ecology approach.


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